Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Today was even better than yesterday. We looked at poetry from various points of view. I really enjoyed the assignment we did as a class and in pairs. We were given a painting to observe and interpret. It was enlightening to hear all the different perspectives the group brought out about the same picture. Then we were given the instructions to individually choose a picture and perform the observation and interpretation on it. The observations and interpretations led to our poetry writing. The picture I chose was Sunlight and Shadow by Allan Rohan Crite. It was an awesome piece to me. The picture appeared to me as a family uniting in one member’s time of need. It also showed hope in spite of your sorrows. I chose to write two different poems expressing both angles.

Through the sadness and sorrow
Family can help vision hope for tomorrow
Lift your chin up and let it all out
Family is right there for you without a doubt
So you got some bad news
No, it’s not the end
Look up and around you
Gather strength from God that is provided through your friend
Your day seems gloomy but the sun is shining through
Let go of the worry and allow it to revive you
There is HOPE.

So you’re feeling down
and a bit distressed
Here is my shoulder,
lay your head down and rest
We see you’re hurt,
it almost brings tears
But you know we are here,
as we’ve been for years
No one may understand
what you are going through
Even if we’re clueless,
we are always here for you.
The children are wondering
what has went wrong
For they are accustomed
to the family staying strong
No matter what,
we won’t let you down
We will combine our strength
to lift you off the ground

I did not use big words so that every person reading this will be able to connect with and understand my poetry.

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